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Çorum Ticaret Borsası / Alaca Höyük THE SPHINX GATE

The Alacahoyuk Sphinx Gate, which dates back to the Hittite Empire Period located in the Hittite’s core region, is the only Hittite Empire Period Gate Structure ornamented with relief orthostats facing out. With this feature, it is different from the Lion Gate and the King Gate in Hattusha.

The Sphinx Gate is 10 m wide. The outer sides of the jamb blocks at both sides of the entrance are 2 m high and ornamented with sphinx protoms. Both outside and inside of the two towers are with relief orthostats.

On the left tower, the bull standing on the base, symbolises the God of Storm. On the following block, there is the King and the Queen praying in front of the atlar; on the blocks behind, in front of the cult ojects carriers, there are the figures of animals to be sacrificed, stairs and figures demonstrating with a daggers.

On this tower, on the inner side of the orthostat, a ritual is defined by four people. On the upper part, there is the depiction of pig and deer hunt using arrows and spears.

On the orthostats on the right tower, the same kind of a religious ritual is depicted. There are the officials heading towards the Goddess on her throne. This Goddess is interpreted as the wife of the God of the Storm(The Goddess of the Sun of the Arinna City).

All of these depictions, the cult, libation, hunt and entertainment as a whole represent a religious ritual celebrated for the honour of the God of the Storm.